Opening remarks + KEYNOTE – 30 minutes with David Mair (EU Joint Research Centre)

Understanding our political nature


KEYNOTE – 30 minutes with Martin Bauer (London School of Economics, UK)

How many science cultures?                   


PLENARY ROUNDTABLE – Filters for Truth: Will AI  replace reporters and fact-checkers?

Mico Tatalovic (Research Professional News, UK), Fabiana Zollo (Università  Ca’ Foscari, Italy), Harry Collins (Cardiff University, Wales), Charlie Beckett (Polis/LSE, UK). Moderator: Fabio Turone (CESJ, Italy)                      


PLENARY ROUNDTABLE – Covid-19: dealing with  uncertainties and politics

Roberta Villa (freelance health journalist, Italy),  Olga Dobrovidova (EFSJ, Russia), Daniela Ovadia (CESJ, Italy), Sarah Neubauer (TVS, Slovenia), Mohammed Yahia (Nature Middle East, Egypt). Moderator: Alexandra Borissova (AKSON, Russia)                    


30 minutes with Andrada Fiscutean (ProFM, Romania)

Cybersecurity for science journalists (this video was not made available)


30 minutes with Pakinam Amer (MIT, Egypt)

Journalist in a deep dive into virtuality and emerging technology 


30 minutes with  Leo Hickman (Carbon Brief, UK)

How the media covers climate change – a journalist’s perspective


30 minutes with Alessandro Delfanti (University of Toronto, Canada)

Studying the future of work through patents: humans and robots in Amazon warehouses        


30 minutes with Siri Carpenter (The Open Notebook, USA)

The craft of science writing              


KSJ panel. Science Editing

Katie Fleeman (Knowable Magazine, USA), Melinda Wenner Moyer (Scientific American, USA). Moderator: Joshua Hatch (Chronicle of Higher Education, USA)        


Numbers for policy and science communication: opening black boxes

Michele Catanzaro (freelance, Spain)

Andrea Saltelli (Open University of Catalonia, Spain)


Can Academia or Foundation-funded projects help independent science journalism?

Gioia Lovison (Il Bo Live, Italy), Deborah Blum (Undark, USA), Volker Stollorz (German Science Media Center, Germany), Andrey Konyaev (N+1, Russia). Moderator: Krijn Soeteman (EFSJ, The Netherlands)


Communicating uncertainty: a challenge that precedes Covid-19

David Michaels (George Washington University, USA), Tracey Brown (Sense about Science, UK), Vera Novais (Observador, Portugal). Moderator: Rita Ferreira (freelance, Portugal)    


Climate Grant and European Science Journalist of the Year awarding ceremony + Conclusions