Fabio Turone (CESJ, Italy)

Filters for Truth: Will AI replace reporters and fact-checkers?

Fabio Turone is the chair of the organising committee of the ECSJ2020 conference. He is Editor in Chief of the Agency Zoe based in Milan and Executive Director of the Centre for Ethics in Science and Journalism. President of the Association Science Writers in Italy, SWIM, since its launch in 2009, he has organised science journalism schools and workshops in Italy and abroad, for UNESCO and the European Commission among others. In 2016-17 he was a Research Fellow on the Knight Science Journalism Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2019 he was co-chair of communications and member of the board of the World Conference of Science Journalists, WCSJ2019 Lausanne. Since 2017 he is Italy correspondent of Research Professional News.